MarsMetal and Marshield

Twin sites need more than a tweak to get them back on track.



The Profile and Problem:

MarShield & MarsMetal Speciality Casting make up two thirds of the Mars Metal Company Group of Companies. Each division had it’s own website, but both had grown over the years in a fairly ‘non-systematic’ fashion. This led to intertwined sites with inconsistencies, confusing navigation and a user experience that didn’t properly present their specialization and expertise in each respective field.

The Solution:

Staring out we knew very little about radiation shielding or lead fabrication. Our first few meetings were all about listening, learning and leading discussions on how we could improve the user experience for potential customers coming to the site(s) for the first time. Even though we were hired to build a website, there was a lot that needed to be done before really thinking about a website.

With this discovery phase complete, we collaborated with Mars Metal on an improved site architecture and revised design with differentiated but consistent look and feel that would guide the project. From there, each site was built on a common framework with an emphasis on integrating clear navigation to a fairly complex site.


MarsMetal homepage




Revised MarShield content page with clear navigation




Application of new brand elements for MarShield




Branding explorations and wireframe layouts



Responsive, cross-browser compatible layout




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“After looking into many internet marketing companies to redevelop our websites we chose Fidelity because of their strategic thinking and enthusiasm to work on our projects with us.

The end result was three new websites, each with a unique look and feel that property represented our division’s product and services. They worked with us to simplify the website structures and developed a more refined and clear navigation. They also introduced prominent calls to action and implemented high quality imagery.

We continue to use Fidelity for website updates, new graphics and to manage our SEO paid search. We are very happy with the relationship they have built with us and the results we have seen.”

Jill Walker
Marketing and Web Specialist



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