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The Profile and Problem:

MarsKeel Technologies designs and manufactures keels for large super yacht builders as well as smaller production and aftermarket clients. The fact that they have two completely separate markets posed somewhat of a challenge. A single website couldn’t effectively address both of these distinctive markets and communicate the knowledge and expertise Marskeel is known for globally.

The Solution:

We turned the homepage of the site into a splash page of sorts designed to funnel the user off to the appropriate area of the website depending on whether or not they were looking for custom or production keels. Each section of the site has its own distinctive look and feel and branding which we developed to appeal to the target customer.


Proposed branding update – moodboard explorations




Custom Keel System site homepage




Custom keel website




Production and aftermarket website




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“We presented Fidelity a challenge when we asked them to come up with a way to split our MarsKeel site into two sides, each with a different look and feel for our Production and Custom Keel services. They not only captured the essence and expertise of our keel division – they also redefined our Custom Keel Division with renewed branding and positioning. The end result was two fresh sites full of prompt and friendly updates with a clear messages to our audience.”

Jill Walker
Marketing and Web Specialist, Mars Metal Group of Companies



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