Why People Don’t Blog (And the Secret Weapon that Makes Blogging Easy!)

If you’re a business owner, you’ve been told many times, from many different people that you should be blogging on your website. Yet, there’s all sorts of reasons & excuses why this isn’t done. In case you aren’t convinced about why you need to be blogging, here’s a quick recap of the 3 main benefits to blogging as outlined in a blog post of mine from last year:

–          Projects You As An Authority = Turn More Visitors Into Customers

–          Link Earning

–          Brings Longtail Organic Search Traffic

Now here are the top 3 reasons I’ve noticed why people don’t blog.

Can’t Write

We’re not all Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, but the good news is you don’t need to be in order to write a good blog post. What I’ve discovered over the years is that my clients possess a wealth of knowledge with respect to their businesses. I’ve found myself so many times listening to a client talk about a certain topic related to their business, only to say when they were finished, “There! That! What you just said! If we could have just captured that – it would have made a perfect blog post!”

No Time

Everyone’s busy, and nobody’s busier than a business owner that has to wear multiple hats. If you’re actually going to sit down to write a decent blog post, it is going to take a bit of time. If it’s going to take time away from other activities that you feel have a more direct impact on your bottom line, then you’re simply not going to make it a priority.


Everyone does it. I think it’s largely human nature. But long ago I realized how silly it really was. I’m sure my experience isn’t unique, but I’ve had many times where I’ve procrastinated with regards to a given task, only to realize when I was finally finished with that task, how simple it really was once I got started with it. I’ve probably wasted more time procrastinating on a given task than I’ve spent actually working on the task itself. I believe we procrastinate when we don’t see a clear path from point A to point B. Naturally, this will occur more often when we encounter a task that is new to us. For many of you reading this post, you may have never written a blog post in your life. Or, you had really good intentions when you started blogging, and a combination of all of these reasons has resulted in the derailment of your blogging efforts.

So in order to overcome these hurdles and make it as easy as possible for you to start blogging, we need a solution that:

–          Doesn’t require you to actually write

–          Doesn’t take a lot of time, and doesn’t take time away from other activities that have a greater perceived value

–          Appears to be easy, i.e., you can see a clear path between point A & point B.

So here’s the solution: NoNotes.com. It’s a service that easily allows you to record a phone call that you make to their toll free number, or another number, and then have the call transcribed. As long as you go into the call with a plan as to what exactly you’re going to talk about, what you get from the transcription is oftentimes good enough to post to your blog as-is. More often though, it just requires a little bit of editing in order to get it ready. With NoNotes, it’s free to record up to 20 minutes per month. If you need more than 20 minutes per month, you can buy a monthly subscription for just $10 that gives you up to 100 minutes. Their transcription services are very competitive at just $40 per hour.


So hopefully now you have no reasons (excuses) in your way anymore and you get started blogging!



About Steve Gould

Steve Gould is the President of Fidelity Internet Marketing. We help small- and mid-sized business owners understand what web marketing is all about & drive qualified visitors to their website that turn into customers.