Top 5 Ways To Waste Your Money on PPC… And How To Avoid These Pitfalls

For many businesses, both SMBs and enterprise businesses, alike, pay-per-click advertising is a staple in their marketing mix. But for some who try to go it alone, a handful of common, but easy-to-avoid mistakes can result in them swearing off this medium of advertising forever.

This series of blog posts is by no means designed to be a complete list of tips, tricks & techniques one should avoid in order to maximize your paid search ROI. We’ll save that for future blogs. These blogs will showcase what I have seen personally to be the most egregious money-wasters when it comes to paid search. These are all surprisingly common mistakes made by small- and mid-sized business owners that I have seen completely derail an AdWords account and make it impossible to see any type of positive return on investment. It’s these types of mistakes that people make that result in them saying things like “That AdWords stuff was a complete waste of money! I’m never doing that again!”

So here’s a quick teaser:

  1. Exclusive Use of Broad Match Keywords
  2. No Negative Keywords
  3. Creating a Single Ad Group
  4. Misuse of the Display Network
  5. Inappropriate Geographic Targeting

The blog posts that follow will take an in-depth look at each issue and how to avoid it.

Stay tuned!

About Steve Gould

Steve Gould is the President of Fidelity Internet Marketing. We help small- and mid-sized business owners understand what web marketing is all about & drive qualified visitors to their website that turn into customers.