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the_landmark_group_logo@2xThe Landmark Group is a landscape company located just outside of Collingwood, Ontario that targets the high end residential market. Beyond the challenge presented to us based on the fact that Landmark wanted to target one very specific segment of the market, the largest challenge was the fact that the focus was to market them primarily in the Greater Toronto Area, even though they don’t service that area. They are targeting consumers who live in the GTA with a second property in the Collingwood area.

The client had been running their own paid search program, but had serious concerns over how effective it was. After they were referred to us, we quickly realized most of their money was going to waste. Based on who the client was targeting, the vast majority of visitors who were coming from paid search couldn’t possibly have turned into a client.



Increase the number of qualified leads from the web.



A strong clickthrough rate, although far from the most important metric in a PPC account, is generally something that you’d like to be higher rather than lower. In this case however, a high clickthrough rate was nothing to get excited about. Through the use of discriminatory ad copy, we wanted to do everything we could to ensure that only the right people would click on the ads. Anyone who was looking for a landscape company in Toronto, or were just looking for a smaller project, we wanted to deter them from clicking on the ad in order to avoid wasteful spending.




Given that most of their spend was going to waste, the account needed to be rebuilt, and a large focus was placed on generating an extensive list of negative keywords.

This resulted in: 

  • Decrease in year-over-year spend by 74%
  • Paid search is now their #1 source online leads & non-branded traffic
  • Direct attribution to a substantial amount of new business that came to them as a result of their paid search campaign.


In the words of our client

“The results we’ve already received from Fidelity speak for themselves.

In our first year of implementing a strategic program, we landed our largest job of the year and a great new client – coming precisely from our Adwords!  But, what I’ve appreciated most is the time that Steve took, particularly in those first couple of months, educating me on what we needed to do and why.  His expertise, commitment, thorough communication and great people-sense makes a great fit and filled a void in our Marketing platform.

By taking the time to educate, he gave me a lot of peace of mind knowing that we were in good hands. I’ve already recommend Steve to others, and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.”

Darren Bosch
Client Services, Design & Marketing Manager
The Landmark Group