Heart’s Content Gardens Case Study


Hearts content logoHeart’s Content Gardens is headed up by Lindsay McFadden – a very talented & visionary garden designer. Lindsay’s challenge was simply getting the phone ringing. Once she’s able to meet with a homeowner and start to share some of her ideas for their gardens, she’s generally got them as a client. Lindsay had plenty of experience in the industry, but given that her actual business was still fairly new, word-of-mouth was only carrying her so far, and so she realized the need to market her business effectively online.


Although Lindsay had an existing website, the traffic she was receiving was minimal at best, and it was non-existent when it came to any type of non-branded traffic. So the goal was to work with a limited budget, and with the existing website to build up her online presence and generate a significant amount of qualified leads.


Initially, a paid search program was a great option given our budgetary constraints and the immediacy of the results. This program gave Heart’s Content Gardens a much-needed boost in leads for the remainder of their peak season. As we prepared for Season #2 working together, we embarked on a Local SEO/Reputation Management strategy for Lindsay. We had spotted a negative review online for Heart’s Content Gardens, which,  for most small business owners, would have resulted in some panic. We managed to turn a negative into a positive by showing Lindsay how to properly deal with a negative review instead of dealing with it how the average business owner would instinctively react to something like this. After educating Lindsay as to the importance of reviews when it comes to Local SEO, and through our own efforts in terms of citation building & analysis, we were able to achieve some very good organic search rankings resulting in her site showing up in the local search results for search queries like landscapers and landscapers Oakville.


In the words of our client

Steve started working on my AdWords and search engine optimization two years ago and he has been one of the best business investments I have made to date.  Steve has a unique way of putting the right words in the right places to bring my target market to my web site.  I find Steve to be cost-effective while also allotting enough time to my site and “Google Ads” to keep me as a loyal client.  When I first started the business I didn’t have a web site or see the importance of being able to be found on a random internet search, but I see now that this is the way that most people are finding their contractors and it has become a necessity.  I tell all of my business associates (but not the competition) about Steve and his company.  It has been a pleasure.

Lindsay McFadden – Heart’s Content Gardens