HD Threshing Case Study


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HD Threshing Floor Furniture is a manufacturer and retailer of heavy-duty, reclaimed wood furniture. They’re based out of Cambridge, Ontario, but have customers spanning across the entire province, all the way out to Ottawa. They had been running a self-managed AdWords campaign for 2+ years before reaching out to us. In the months prior to us taking over the campaign, their costs had started to balloon which was a large motivating factor in seeking out our help.


Get the ballooning advertising costs under control, and bring down the down the average cost per click.


Comparing 3 months prior to assuming control of account to 3 months after assuming control account

  • Cut Average Cost per Click by nearly 75%!
  • Weeded out thousands of unqualified clicks
  •  Cut Total Advertising Spend by over 70% while total paid search visits decreased by only 5%
  • Maintained average paid search position of 1-2 for the client’s most important keywords


In the words of our client

I had been advertising for a couple of years with AdWords. I really liked the idea that I could ensure that my site was showing up at the top of the page consistently for all of my top keywords. This brought a significant amount of traffic to my site. Towards the end of 2011, I really noticed my costs starting to increase. I started talking to my brother who works at a large creative marketing agency, and he said that I should call Steve at Fidelity so he could straighten out my AdWords account.

Steve absolutely slashed my advertising costs and also managed to get rid of a lot of clicks I was receiving for keywords that were pretty useless to my business.

I thought advertising with AdWords was pretty straightforward, but working with Fidelity has showed me that there’s actually quite a bit that you need to understand if you’re going to maximize your return on investment. I’d highly recommend calling Fidelity if you’re spending a decent amount of money on paid search and only have a limited knowledge of how to manage your account.


Gerald Reinink – HD Threshing Reclaimed Wood Furniture