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A boutique jeweller finds new a way to shine!




The Profile and Problem:

Randor Jewellery was in the middle of a large change with their business when we started working with them on this project. They had been working with retail stores in both Mississauga & Toronto, and had just closed down their Mississauga location and consolidated everything into the Toronto store. Their website was in desperate need to be completely rebuilt. It was not converting traffic well. They had a very high percentage of their traffic coming from mobile/tablet, and the site did not show well on either type of device. The site also had a very drab & dreary look & feel, there were a lot of inconsistencies in terms of page structure & navigation, and it didn’t convey to the user what made them unique.

The Solution:

Randor’s speciality is engagement rings & wedding bands. The old site wasn’t focused enough on weddings, rather, it took more of a jack-of-all-trades type of approach, which wasn’t beneficial. The new branding, logo, copy and navigation clearly placed the focus on wedding jewellery, which made it very clear to the user that if they’re getting married, they’re in the right place! Beyond helping them place the focus of the business on weddings, we also helped reposition them as a boutique jeweller that focuses on custom wedding jewellery, pushing them further away from the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ approach. In order to further emphasize the boutique feel, and to differentiate them from some of the larger jewellers, it was important to include a personal touch with the website highlighting the expertise of Michele & Randy – the face’s behind Randor.


Revised “About” page emphasizing expertise and a more personal connection to Randy & Michele as jewellers/business owners




New easy to use and update ring catalogue




Screenshots of the previous site




Ring product page




Visit the site – www.randor.com


“We had been working with Fidelity on PPC & SEO as well as some other marketing campaigns for about a year before undertaking the rebranding & website project. From our first meeting, it was immediately apparent that they weren’t just another internet marketing company. They really took the time to understand our business. The questions that they were asking us showed us that they were thinking critically & creatively. Their questions forced us to think more critically about our business.

When it came to the new website, we really respected the fact that they had the guts to tell us ‘no’ when we were pretty adamant that they include certain features. It took a little convincing on their part to have us back down from our original positions, but in hindsight, it’s obvious that their vision for the site was the right choice. Other than the fact that the site looks stunning and is easier to use for customers, the most important thing with the new website is that we’ve increased the volume of leads we’re receiving by 100%!

Michele Moss
Randor Jewellery, Owner and Diamond Expert



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