General/Offline Marketing Consulting

In addition to the many online services that Fidelity provides, we can also help you with your ‘offline’ marketing efforts.

Even though we specialize in internet marketing, we understand there is still a place in a proper marketing mix for offline media as well. In terms of offline advertising, there are many ways to invest your dollars including newspaper, radio, flyers, magazines, phonebooks & more. As a business owner you’re likely constantly inundated with phone calls from advertising sales reps all telling you why they’re medium is the best one for you. We can help you sort through all the ‘noise’ and help you come up with the right mix of offline media to complement your online advertising efforts.

Sales Training

We also welcome opportunities to help clients with their sales efforts. Steve Gould, President of Fidelity, has spent his whole career working in sales – both B2B & B2C. He has also achieved the Certified Sales Professional designation from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.