Landing Pages & User Conversion

A landing page simply means the first page on your website at which a user arrives. Virtually all websites, even very simple websites, have multiple landing pages, because visitors don’t generally just arrive at your site through your homepage.


However, when we’re talking about landing pages in this sense, we’re really referring to a page that’s built specifically to work alongside some type of PPC campaign. Typically it is a page that is designed for one purpose – to generate leads. It’s essentially a stripped-down, single page where we gives the user the information that we feel they were looking for based the keyword/search query that brought them to the page, but removing any kind of extraneous information that may distract the user from the ultimate goal, which to fill out some type of lead generation form.

This can allow us to double or even triple the conversion rates we were seeing with the regular website – even when we designed the main site ourselves. We’ve seen even more dramatic results when our starting point was an old website that the client wasn’t happy with.


Revised design and header for seasonal business variation




Programs include testing of headlines, contact details, imagery and more…





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