Display and Remarketing Ads



So what is Display Advertising?
With display advertising we have the ability to have ads show to users on a wide variety of sites on the web. Each website where your ad will display is part of the
Google Display Ads Network. We can use any of the following methods (or any combination of these methods) to target users:

  • By geography (at the city level)
  • By age
  • By gender
  • By website topic (have the ads show on sites that are ‘home improvement-related’)

How do Remarketing Ads differ?
Remarketing is a specific type of display advertising that targets users who have recently visited your website. Why would you want to do this? Most people who visit your website don’t convert (contact you or complete a purchase) the first time they visit your website.

Many consumers will research & consider a purchase decision for weeks, months or sometimes even years. Remarketing allows you to be top-of-mind throughout the period of time where potential customers are researching their purchase decision, which ends up turning more visitors into leads & customers.




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