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Offline Conversion Tracking for Google AdWords

If you’re not an e-commerce business – meaning, your customers’ purchases don’t take place online – and you’re trying to determine exactly what your Google AdWords campaign is doing for you, without the proper tracking in place, it’s difficult, or …

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The Problem With Google AdWords Ad Rotation Settings

Around Christmas/New Years it’s common to see blog posts like “My Google AdWords Christmas Wishlist” or “Top Feature Request For AdWords in 2015”. I’ve often thought about creating my own list in this vein, and the feature or change that

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AdWords November 2014 3rd Party Policy Change

If you have ever advertised with AdWords, you may have had a 3rd party (agency, internet marketing company, media company) managing your account, and if so, you might not actually know how much you’ve spent on the click costs themselves. …

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Don’t Forget About Bing!

When I talk to clients about paid search & SEO, most people seem to have a one-track mind, and are entirely focused on Google. Obviously Google is the dominant search engine, but if you ignore Bing (particularly when it comes …

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PPC Money-Waster #5: Inappropriate Geographic Targeting

There are varying levels of wasteful spending when it comes to geographic targeting. I’ll start with the worst examples of geographic targeting that I’ve seen, and work my way down to the less egregious examples.

Country-Wide Targeting

I really shake …

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PPC Money-Waster #3: Single Ad Group

What’s an Ad Group?

Put simply, an ad group is a collection of closely related keywords.

Why do we have ad groups?

Creating an individual ad group for each theme of keyword allows us to create ads that are highly …

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Google AdWords Introduces Canadian Postal Code Targeting


AdWords Postal Code Targeting


Yesterday, Google introduced postal code geo-targeting for Canadian AdWords advertisers. Canadian advertisers can now target over 1,500 Canadian Postal Code FSAs (the first 3 digits of the postal code). We’ve long heard the idea of hyper-local geo-targeting, …

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PPC Money-Waster #2: No Negative Keywords

What’s a Negative Keyword?

A negative keyword is a keyword you enter into the AdWords interface that tells Google that you don’t want to show up for that particular word. Why do you need to tell Google what you don’t …

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