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Project Overview

Although Burlington Heating had a website before undertaking this project, it was reflective of what we commonly see in in many of our projects – limited strategic vision, poor usability and organization and low quality “look and feel”. We jumped in where we always do – getting an understanding of their business and it’s challenges, and then developing an optimal site architecture and content overview to match.

We also determined that in addition to a new responsive website, it was important to develop a revised branding program that included a new logo and focused on better positioning for Burlington Heating’s primary target market (mid to higher end residential customers). However, with Commercial HVAC clients also identified as a key area of growth we needed to showcase their expertise and specialization in this field and did so with differentiated branding elements and careful attention to tone of voice being used in this section of the site.

The nature of the business is such that most customers are going to contact an HVAC company when something is broken and needs repair or replacement, so they typically want very prompt service. Taking that into account, it was important to include short contact forms prominently on every page of the website, making it as easy as possible for customers to get in touch.


Updated branding, prominent contact information and refreshed site structure




Clear use of colour to aid navigation




Responsive layout and cross-browser compatible




Attention to persuasive, creative copywriting



Custom branding elements for the commercial section




Visit the site – www.burlingtonheating.ca


“I knew I was outgrowing my old website. It didn’t work well on phones & tablets, it contained out-of-date information that was difficult to update, and it lacked the professional look & feel that I felt was necessary to give the business the necessary credibility to convert visitors into customers.

Too often, when you do business with people, they just want your money and want you in and out the door as quickly as possible.With Fidelity, it has been a very different experience. They were very curious about my business and asked a lot of probing questions that really forced me to think. They knew they had to understand my business almost as well as I know it myself if they were going to build something that not only looks good – but works. There were lots of in-person meetings and conference calls before we really even got down to the business of building a website.

I retain Fidelity today to manage the site, my SEO & PPC. We have regular face-to-face meetings so I can keep them informed about what’s new with my business so that they can make the necessary changes to ensure that we’re not missing out on any opportunities.”

David Horner
Burlington Heating and Air Conditioning



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