The Best Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors

Every house has its own unique charms, but homes with sliding glass doors enjoy a functional element of design that is also remarkably beautiful, allowing a grand view of the exterior. Dressing up a sliding glass door is a great way to showcase this lovely feature while keeping it practical for everyday use- but most homeowners find it challenging to select a window covering that works best for this area.

Blinds are useful beyond window dressing. They can help control the amount of light that streams into a room, and help address energy costs in every season by trapping in heat or keeping out the cold. If you’re considering  blinds, custom drapery or shades installed on your sliding glass doors, here are some of our top picks to dress your door in style.


Custom Drapery and Luminette Privacy Sheers

Custom Drapery and Luminette Privacy Sheers are commonly used window treatments to dress up your space.

Custom Drapery

Chose from a multitude of fabrics, like silk, cotton, nylon, polyester etc. Custom Drapery looks very nice when they puddle on the floor in many applications; however with a door close by it may not be best to be made that way because they will get dirty when sweeping the floor.  It is most common for custom drapery to be made within ½” off of the floor. This will be the best way to keep them clean. As an idea you could also consider layering your drapery, which is a popular trend in window coverings. This allows you to have a lightweight pair which offers privacy but allows in light behind a second option that can serve a different purpose or block out a little more light.

Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers

Luminette Privacy Sheers by Hunter Douglas are a beautiful twist on traditional vertical shades combined with the elegance of custom drapery. With many fabric and colour choices, the Luminette is a customer favourite especially on doors.

Do you like the look of the Luminette but would prefer a horizontal blind? No problem. The Silhouette blind by Hunter Douglas is the Horizontal version of the Luminette.

Shutters and Shades

Eclipse Shutters

Eclipse Vinyl Shutters are a top quality shutter that are made in and Canada and are always a popular choice for covering doors. Simply because they offer a clean, finished look. Chose from 2 ½”, 3 ½” and 4 ½” sizes, 3 colours and 2 finishes. Do you love the look of wood shutters because of their more matte appearance but want the ease of maintenance like that of a vinyl shutter? Eclipse Vinyl Shutters  have recently released the new Ultra Satin Finish which is available at select window covering stores such as Blind Advantage.

Hunter Douglas Skyline Gliding Window Panels

The Skyline Gliding Window Panel by Hunter Douglas is a beautiful choice especially in a more modern setting. Panel sizes are available in 11 ½” and 17” and are operable by cord, wand or remote.

Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shades

The ease of lift and the lightweight fabrics make the Hunter Douglas Honeycomb shades a great choice for sliding doors. The ever popular two-on-one head rail feature allows each blind to operate separately.

Do you love the Honeycomb but would prefer having a vertical blind to cover your sliding door? You should consider the Duette Vertiglide honeycomb. The Vertiglide is a nice tailored blind with stacks nice and tight to one side or can be split.

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There are many custom options for window treatments for individuals’ looking for something special. Regardless of the type of blind, shutter or curtain, Dressing up a sliding glass door is about so much more than appealing design, it’s also about making your home comfortable and welcoming.

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Layering Drapery

Your Guide to Layering Custom Drapery

Gone are the days when a single panel of fabric draping each side of a window was enough decoration for a home. Today, more and more homeowners are putting more thought into their window coverings, and some are choosing to layer their window treatments for a dramatic and stylish effect.

This trend has been very popular for many years and is especially popular right now. The layering trend with drapery provides the perfect opportunity to easily adjust the amount of light a room receives during the day, while still controlling for privacy at night. And-perhaps most importantly of all; it reduces energy costs by adding an additional tier of protection from the elements. With layered drapery you can keep the cold and heat out, while maintaining the perfect temperature indoors. If you’ve considered switching to layers, here are some of the best ways to do it.

Double up with Colour

The most basic way to layer drapes is by using two sets of fabric on the same rod. By using different opacities, colours or patterns, you can instantly create an eye catching design that works great in the living room as well as in the bedroom. In fact, there probably isn’t a room in the house that wouldn’t benefit from this look. While the use of two panels per side on a single rod doesn’t do as much to alter energy costs as the other two suggestions for layering does – it definitely looks impressive.

Double the Function

If you want more than just stylish drapery for your windows consider using two sets of drapery. By layering a heavier fabrics which will either be opaque or semi-opaque on the outside rod and a lightweight semi-opaque or sheer fabric on the inside; you will have optimal coverage, privacy and style options to suite all needs. Or reverse that idea and put the sheers or semi-opaque fabric in the front and the room darkening fabric behind.

In summer, leave the heavy curtain pushed open and the sheer one closed. This lets in light but will still offer some privacy. In winter, the heavy curtain not only keeps out the cold, but it will also keep the heat inside your home – helping to save you money on your heating bill! … BONUS =)

Pair blinds with Custom Drapery

The layering trend extends beyond drapery alone. While fabric looks great draped dramatically around the sides of a window, blinds and shades sometime offer a more practical option for windows that see a lot of use. It’s not only possibly but also highly recommended to layer blinds and drapery. Such as a semi-opaque honeycomb shade to cover the window paired with opaque custom drapery panels that sit nicely on the side during the day and pulled across at night for complete room darkening.

Honeycomb Shade paired with Custom Drapery

Hunter Douglas Duette Architella Honeycomb with Custom Drapery Side Panels

Have your blinds or shades installed in a traditional way, covering the front portion of the windows, and then hang the drapes on either side. Using sheer or semi-opaque drapery fabric is particularly useful, as in the summer you can let in light through the open or lifted shades and still enjoy a modicum of privacy by closing the drapes. Custom drapery also provides a second level of protection against cold weather in winter, stopping the chills that come into through the windows.

Let your imagination guide you when it comes to decorating your windows. Layering helps lower energy costs by keeping out the cold and holding in the heat, while also provide light and privacy for homeowners. Stylish and practical, the current layering trend is sure to make your home feel more  inviting, beautiful and fun.

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DuraLee Fabrics now distributed by Joanne Fabrics

To our fellow fabric enthusiasts,

Now that Joanne Fabrics have become the exclusive Canadian distributor for DuraLee Fabrics, it’s selling like hot cakes! The ever popular and well known brand DuraLee is now priced at about 20% less than when it was distributed by its last Canadian distributor! Now you can have these beautiful designs and fabrics at a fraction of the cost.





DuraLee prides their fabrics for being timelessly versatile. Their fabrics are outstanding with funky patterns and vibrant colour palettes. With new fabric introductions like the beautiful ‘Fontana Collection’ featured in the above images.. You can have the fabric of your dreams! Large prints and bold colours will liven up even the most dull space.

I also love the whimsical and elaborate designs that they are always coming up with. In the picture below you will see the Chirp Fabric from the Indoor/Outdoor Prints Pavilion Collection designed by Thomas Paul for DuraLee, I especially love how creative his designs are (which by the way … kind of reminds me ‘Alice in Wonderland’)


Expect the unexpected with DuraLee!


Visit us today to view our large selection of Duralee fabrics as well other fabrics by popular manufacturers such as Joanne Fabrics, Unique Fabrics, Alendel Fabrics etc..

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Drapery Hardware

Selecting the hardware for your custom drapery or ready made drapery is the final way to execute a look. The right hardware will bring your drapery to life. By selecting the rod, brackets, finials & rings you will compliment your drapery – just like the hardware shown in this picture. The clear rod and finials compliment and soften this look.

JF Fabrics Evolutions Silver

The first step in finding the right drapery hardware is figuring whether you want your draperies are constructed to hang in place or to open and close. Lucky for you,

We carry brands such as Soletex, Joanne Fabrics, DuraLee FabricsAntex, CDH etc.. We have displays in our showroom that beautifully display the many different finishes and designs available. As they are all made to order and take about 2/3 days to arrive in our showroom.

We love to put together looks for our customers by selecting fabrics and choosing drapery hardware finishes. Since we have each drapery order custom made tailored to your liking, we are capable of making your drapery in any width or length imaginable. And, if you need a little inspiration or some help measuring your windows, just call us.

Metal hardware is available in a variety of finishes such as pewter, brass, black, gold, black, oil rubbed bronze chrome, aluminum.

In our opinion.. if you hang draperies on a metal pole, they will open and close better than on a wooden pole. Natural wood rods sometimes have a slight bow even with little weight which could show a sagging look. When choosing your hardware finish make sure that each piece selected is from the same manufacturer or collection. For example: Antique Bronze from one manufacturers doesn’t guarantee that it will be identical if purchased from a different manufacturer.

How do you chose your hardware?

Choose a colour and finish that matches nicely with the drapery or pull an accent colour that’s in the room.

Most people will chose their drapery hardware based on style or function. Functional hardware is best for those who plan on operating their drapery often. Decorative pieces, on the other hand, are designed to be drooled over and appreciated. Regardless of whether they are functional or serve a decorative purpose, all will require hardware.

Interested in purchasing your drapery hardware but you didn’t purchase your drapery at Blind Advantage?.. No problem! We will supply any of the hardware that you need.


How to Use Animal Print in Décor

It’s wild, it’s fun and it’s stylish, but many people shy away from using animal print in their home décor, though they shouldn’t. Incorporating cheetah, tiger, leopard and giraffe patterns into textiles, paint and accessories can quickly liven up a dull room and showcase a bold personality. Check out our Pinterest board to see our favourite uses of this trend!

An excess of the print, as with any bold print, can look tacky or feel overbearing, a few well-placed details add an exotic allure to your home office, bedroom or family room. Ultimately, it’s all about balance.

If you’re eager to try out this popular theme on your favourite room, here are some great ways to use animal print that will add a spark of beastly elegance without attracting the attentions of a zookeeper.


The simplest way to add a touch of the jungle to your house, whether it’s the bedroom or dining room, is to use soft textiles to create a warm and lively atmosphere. In a bedroom, you can look to comforters and throw pillows to get in on this trend. Be sure to keep the other colours and various details of the room simple, clean and sophisticated. Be sure to visit our showroom to view the many animal print options available in the Eastern Accents line.

Our personal favourite is the Scalamandre Maison collection. Scalamandre’s legendary style is a sophisticated design that is iconic and sure to impress. The fabrics are extremely luxurious, fashion forward and timeless.


Featured in the picture above:

Trica Barstool fabric: Linoso Fire, Trica Barstool finish Black, Brushed Nickle Finial, Eastern Accents  Scalamandre Fabric: Nairobi Midnight, Joanne Fabrics Wallpaper and Hunter Douglas Duette Architella Honeycomb fabric: Batiste Bamboo – Desert Sands. These are all available at Blind Advantage, call or come into our showroom today!

For a larger living or dining room, a large animal print rug could be the centerpiece of a room. It should remain an eye-catching conversation piece relatively unobstructed by other details that may crowd it out.

Draw some attention to your drapery with a band of animal print or even neutral tone full animal print fabric. Let us create your custom drapery and you can have as much or as little animal print as you’d like.

While a variety of textures are encouraged, such as a nubby pillow or furnishings of leather or wood. Try to keep the prints and patterns to a minimum, if using others at all. Otherwise you might find your space overwhelming and busy. Let your textiles remain a focal point, and you have a pulled together, complementary look that never veers too much safari land.

Paint and Wallpaper

Accent walls are quite trendy, and while chevron stripes and polka dots are popular, you can have a distinctive style by using an animal print on a single section of the room. Avoid the temptation to reproduce the pattern literally; you want the print but not necessarily the colours. Soften the appearance of this strong image by going far more neutral.

A tiger’s stripes, for instance, look just as striking in shades of grey and cream as they do in orange and black. Choose the shades that suit the colour scheme already established in your chosen room, and you’re guaranteed to get rave reviews from friends and neighbours. And in case your painting isn’t up to par, there are several websites that offer stencils and vinyl stickers, if you want the option of a removable style.


A great way to balance this strong style is to add a few choice accessories that emphasize the look without overplaying it. A pillow or two, a throw blanket tossed casually onto a sofa or artwork that relate back to the original piece are perfect examples of how to harmonize a bold item with the rest of the interior design. Even animal sculptures or African or Indian themed items can help balance an animal print feature, so feel free to use your imagination.

Animal print is undeniably daring, and using it in home décor requires both skill and restraint to look sophisticated rather than untamed. The trick is muting the colours, having a single principal piece and balancing it with suggestive accessories. Follow these recommendations and you can easily have the stylish yet dynamic design you’ve always desired.

If you’re interested in browsing the different animal print décor options we offer, visit our showroom!