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PPC Money-Waster #5: Inappropriate Geographic Targeting

There are varying levels of wasteful spending when it comes to geographic targeting. I’ll start with the worst examples of geographic targeting that I’ve seen, and work my way down to the less egregious examples.

Country-Wide Targeting

I really shake …

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PPC Money-Waster #4: The Google Display Network

What is the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network is a collection of content-publishing websites that have opened up certain placements on their websites for advertisements that Google fills with ‘targeted’ ads.

The Problem

In my experience, the Display

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PPC Money-Waster #3: Single Ad Group

What’s an Ad Group?

Put simply, an ad group is a collection of closely related keywords.

Why do we have ad groups?

Creating an individual ad group for each theme of keyword allows us to create ads that are highly …

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