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Google AdWords Introduces Canadian Postal Code Targeting


AdWords Postal Code Targeting


Yesterday, Google introduced postal code geo-targeting for Canadian AdWords advertisers. Canadian advertisers can now target over 1,500 Canadian Postal Code FSAs (the first 3 digits of the postal code). We’ve long heard the idea of hyper-local geo-targeting, …

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PPC Money-Waster #2: No Negative Keywords

What’s a Negative Keyword?

A negative keyword is a keyword you enter into the AdWords interface that tells Google that you don’t want to show up for that particular word. Why do you need to tell Google what you don’t …

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Top 5 Ways To Waste Your Money on PPC… And How To Avoid These Pitfalls

For many businesses, both SMBs and enterprise businesses, alike, pay-per-click advertising is a staple in their marketing mix. But for some who try to go it alone, a handful of common, but easy-to-avoid mistakes can result in them swearing off …

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